Desafio de Guerreros
Desafío de Guerreros

Custom Business Admin platform to manage every aspect of their events.

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Software for building a highly motivated, engaged and capable workforce.

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Create an easy-to-use responsive and clean event management platform

Desafío de Guerreros needed a custom platform built up from scratch as they had very special needs to run their business. The key challenge was to build a very easy-to-use experience that allowed them to manage every single aspect of their business, and have a very clear sense of the performance of each of their current and past events.

A Dashboard that leads to better decision making


Platform Admin in charge of creating and updating events, suscriptions and products within the platform.

Key need

He also needs to clearly view the health of the business with a KPI dashboard.

Understanding the needs of the business to create an efficient workflow.

Iterating over wireframes helped us understand the business structure, and how it needs to be managed using the platform. We identified the key features the Admin needs and prioritized them according to the frequency of use.

We also identified how the Admin would filter the data, and the actions needed to handle all relevant information.

Create, update, delete and manage all parts of the business effectively.

These were some of the tasks that the Admin will be performing more regularly, so we aimed to make the experience so seamless in order to have him/her focused on accomplishing all of the goals without having to fight with the screen.

Material Design as a modern and high-quality framework for a fast and clean performance.

This project was a great opportunity to explore Material Design as a framework and it suited perfectly; beyond the great look and feel and the clean way information is organized, Material Design helped me create a purpose for every detail within the experience, leading to a very pleasant experience, with a very low learning curve and playing a key role in efficiency and effectiveness.





Humantelligence is a software that enables people in the organization to better understand, communicate and connect with each other within the work environment. It helps people better understand who they are working with, and to find the best fit for any available positions or gaps found within teams.

The first and huge design challenge was to get people from any organization to fill 35 questions and then immedialty obtain a profile with the results of the questionnaire, easy to interpret for anyone who views it.

The second challenge was related to getting that information for each team leader and present it in a way that can help them analyze the stengths and gaps of their team, and how each individual is performing.

The third challenge was to scale all this information up to the organization level, showing graphs and data that allowed business leaders to take more informed decisions and contrast the company culture with the current organization workforce.

A variety of user Profiles

In order to solve all this challenges, there had to be a hard work in understanding each profile and their key needs to be addressed.


Individual users were people that belong to any organization. Their key needs were related to uncovering all of their motivators, behaviors and working styles at their work, analyze them and increase their self awareness among the organization. The initial questionnaire consists of 35 questions, which was quite challenging because of the amount of questions and the different configurations each organization has. They needed to be able to easily fill in this questionnaire from any device and browser.

Team leaders

Team leaders needed to be able to have their team setup in the platform, and analyze each individual and the overall team data as well.


This would generally be the HR Manager of the company. An admin would be in charge of managing all the organization data within the platform, and have access to any team and individual of the organization.

Organization leaders

They need to have an organization level data structure in order to analyze the entire workforce, their engagement, culture, ways of working and capabilities.

Action Management System

We designed and created within the platform what we called an Action Management System. It basically enables a publisher to create and assign content and tasks to any audience within the organization. This would help solve issues within organization in communication, clarity, onboarding new employees and sharing the company's vision and culture to any individual within it.

The Design Work was tough in this feature, as the publisher would need to easily create and track audiences, content campaings and performance across the entire organization. A lot of user flow and interaction design was involved in this project, but turned out to be a total success.

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"I believe great design solves problems with a great amount of eye for detail". delightfulness".

Vladimir Vivas is an UI/UX designer with more than 7 years planning, designing, executing, optimizing and analysing web applications, their interfaces and user experiences. He enjoys working in:

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